Harvest Time Church

Brand and website for spiritual community in Sydney bringing hope and creating strong families

Harvest is a local spiritual community in Northern Sydney passionate about the spiritual and family prosperity of their local region.
harvest church web design home page

Being a brand new spiritual hub in the local, ocean-side peninsula with a prevalent millennial population, Harvest understood that a bright digital presence would provide them a solid stake in the ground. They approached King Designs with a unique challenge combining core values, tone of voice, rapidly growing community needs and the creation of their brand and website.

Digital strategy for a community-focused model

Being a brand new community quickly developing, we foresaw a true portrayal of a stable, welcoming and warm atmosphere being the community’s key marketing challenge, given the saturation of not-so-warm communities in the region. So we planned an accelerated go-public strategy that would allow Harvest to engage their community quickly, begin building reputation, and be able to expand as their community and engagement grows.

From their overall vision for the brand and website, we distilled a minimum viable product that tied in with their current community and events, and developed a foundational framework ready to leverage organic, unpaid digital marketing tools: blogs, social media and email event communications.

A family-centered heart with a broad age demographic

Designing the aesthetic of Harvest’s visual and digital personality challenged us to craft a brand and site identity based around a culture of family and the community’s heart for a metaphoric harvest. The site needed to express the values of the community and incorporate a requested ocean-side motif to reflect the community’s prevalent outdoor culture.

After experimenting with a range of different motives, we arrived at a minimal style, employing a blue colour scheme complimentary to the vision of the orange wheat grain, simple calls-to-action & typography to convey a sense of friendliness, homeliness and welcome. Printed contact cards were made to embody the whole personality including a large map making them easy to find.

Left picture

Right picture

Designing trust and a smooth user experience

The Harvest digital presence incorporates effective design patterns already established in the non-profit/ministry space, such as minimalism and punchy graphic design.

This would ensure users resonate immediately, making it welcoming for viewers to consider visiting them at their physical location.

Individual social media pages were designed for a consistent online appearance and engagement with their millennial demographic, having each channel link back to their website and vice versa.

Bespoke call-to-action and email platform

Constantly communicating with a community to keep them informed on events and information can be difficult and time-consuming, especially when the heads of the community have full-time jobs, families and other life commitments. Offering a call-to-action like this enables members to be informed about upcoming events and gatherings, inviting them to continue nurturing their relationship with the Harvest family.

After entering their email, visitors receive monthly newsletters including important dates and information which continues building upon the trust and good reputation the experience when enjoying community events and Sunday gatherings.

harvest web design page overlap

Having a relatively fast launch time meant Harvest Church could begin establishing a reputable name as early as possible, engaging their community and continuing the development of their culture and tone of voice.

As it stands, the Harvest brand, website and digital strategy lay a strong foundation for future development, serving as an ideal platform for an important community in its early stages.

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