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Website and brand for barter service focused on babysitting

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An innovative way for parents to book babysitters and forget about a financial exchange.
kingdom community home page web design and branding by king designs

A new direction for an age-old pain point for couples – finding a babysitter. Kingdom Community understood that a digital presence focused around trust and security would provide them a great starting point. They approached King Designs with a unique challenge combining core values, trust, and the creation of their brand and website with a platform for babysitters and families to make arrangements together, safely.

A unique strategy for a unique model

Understanding the unique business model we foresaw a true portrayal of a safe, transparent and secure framework being the business’ key marketing challenge, given the legal complications surrounding the care of children. So we planned a minimum viable product and go-to-market strategy that would allow Kingdom Community to begin building their audience and strengthening their own reputation.

From their overall vision for the brand and website, we distilled an accelerated launch of their digital presence and developed a foundational framework ready to receive member subscriptions, profile pages, job postings and member emails while also leveraging powerful marketing tools: facebook ads, blogs, social media and email marketing.

A focus for an industry shift with a unique service process

Designing the aesthetic of Kingdom’s visual and digital personality challenged us to craft a brand and site identity that embodied business’ vision for heart for a warm atmosphere and safe model. The site needed to express a child-friendliness and incorporate Kingdom’s preferred imagery.

After experimenting with a range of different branding concepts, we arrived at a simple style centered around the brand’s initials, employing a blue colour scheme to use the “ocean effect,” and effective iconography to educate prospects who visit their website.

Left picture

Right picture

User experience planned for trust and safety

The Kingdom Community website is built on a secure framework to promote the safety of the service they offer to their members and solidify the credibility of the brand.

A well-communicated screening process for applicants ensured prospects fears would be rightfully extinguished making the invitation to join much more safe and transparent.

In-built geo-location search

Finding a babysitter who is reliable, available and close has been an industry difficulty since it’s existence. For Kingdom Community, we planned an easy-to-use search function with a live map display to visualise the proximity of babysitters to the family in need. The search results are elaborated in a grid form on the same screen enabling the ability of a quick scan to find an appropriate match.

Once a match has been selected the family is able to then see their availability, email them directly and arrange an agreed barter service for the babysitting.

kingdom community home page web design by king designs

Kingdom Community has a vastly interactive and secure platform to begin building a large community focused on barter exchange for babysitting in a family-centered industry that often has financial struggles prohibiting the usage of a babysitter.

The business is in an advantageous position as it’s services have already been requested in Europe and America presenting fast growing opportunities to strengthen their brand and reach.

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