Panku Safety

New digital presence for Indigenous provider of safety equipment

Panku (bung-goo) is a Australian certified indigenous supplier of safety equipment to large construction projects in Victoria.
panku web design home page

As a new player in an established industry, Panku understood that a solid digital presence would give them a strong head start. They approached King Designs with a unique challenge combining a diverse business strategy and the creation of a new website.

Digital strategy for a lean startup

With a tight first-to-market deadline for their particular niche, we foresaw a representation of dependability and professionalism being the company’s key marketing challenge, given the prevalence of super-suppliers in the Australian construction industry. So we planned an accelerated go-to-market strategy that would allow Panku to engage their audience quickly, begin receiving orders and enquiries and be able to expand as market presence and reputation grows.

From their overall vision for the brand and website, we distilled a minimum viable product that tied in with their existing clients and sales process and developed a foundational framework ready to leverage organic, unpaid digital marketing tools: content, social media and email marketing.

An family-owned, indigenous website for a corporate supplier

Designing the Panku online aesthetic challenged us to craft a site identity based around a previously developed brand identity, colour scheme and imagery. The site needed to express the indigenous and family-owned qualities of the brand while still speaking to the primary corporate target audience.

After experimenting with a range of different motives, we arrived at a minimal style, keeping to the brand’s colour scheme, simple calls-to-action & typography to convey a sense of industry credibility.

Left picture

Right picture

Designing credibility and a smooth user experience

The Panku site incorporates effective design patterns already established in the indigenous businesses space (Supply Nation), such as indigenous art and partner logos.

This would ensure immediate familiarity for visitors, making it welcoming for contractors to consider partnering with them in their procurement budgets.

Individual equipment pages were designed to mimic an online store appearance, having each item link back to their partner suppliers.

Bespoke email marketing call-to-action and campaign

Staying on top of industry standards, WHS, policies and protocols can be very difficult and time consuming for construction companies and project managers, especially when there are often new policies and standards change or current protocols are amended. Offering a transitional call-to-action like this enables contractors to take Panku Safety as an authority in their field, inviting them to continue nurturing the trust and relationship with Panku.

After entering their email, client’s receive great free value from professionals in the field which continues appealing to the important factor that trust is in decision-making.

panku web design home page showcase

Borrowing from the Agile playbook meant Panku Pty Ltd could begin generating revenue through the Panku Safety site as early as possible, engaging their audiences and learning what appeals best in their market.

As it stands, the Panku Safety site identity, digital strategy and website lay a strong foundation for future development, serving as an ideal platform for a startup in its early stages.

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